Data, meet your match

Innovation solution to not transform anymore your data manually

HUGO, your new assistant

ezyData has developed a software named Hugo to fully automate your data mapping process. Using advanced technology, Hugo is an intelligent assistant who works seamlessly alongside your team, gaining knowledge of your specific business, helping you solve problems, and anticipating your needs. With Hugo, you can streamline most of your data processes, reducing human error, and quickly gain actionable insights, with more time to pursue profitable business opportunities

Integrate data to your systems is among the biggest challenges for businesses. Yet, there is an effective and easy way.

Hugo has user interfaces tailored to your users, customized according to the context of your business. He is also extremely flexible, able to be installed remotely in the cloud or on your servers.

Basically, it fits everywhere.


You are the driver

With Hugo, you validate each step of the data integration process and master the engine. From data import, to extraction and processing, Hugo learns from each step to become more efficient. Powerful, intelligent, and configurable, Hugo adapts effectively to all your needs.

Data integration workflow

What is Hugo for?

Hugo is perfect for companies that have a variety of partners, and who have to manually adapt the data to their own data model.

For example:

Online resellers
Marketing teams
Small and medium resellers in phameceutical, retail, etc.

About ezyData

Founded in 2015 by enthusiasts of new technologies, ezyData is a small structure on a human scale. Made up of experts with several years of experience in the IT world (Cloud Computing, Big Data, IA, IS Architecture, Digital Transformation, Strategic Consulting in New Technologies), our services are available either directly or through our integrating partners (SSII / ESN).

Are you still transforming your data manually?

Let Hugo help.